Colour Temperature: 2700K

Soraa’s GU10 MR16 is the first ever narrow spot option in this form factor, outperforming halogen lamps. Neither halogen nor other LED competitors can create point sources small enough to achieve these narrow beam angles and high center beam intensity. Now, powered by Soraa’s third generation LED, our GU10’s still feature all of Soraa’s signature elements of light quality, with an even wider range of power options. Choose the right product series for your needs

VIVID SERIES: Our full-spectrum series brings you both VIVID COLOR (CRI-95, R9-95) and NATURAL WHITE Technology, with market-leading CBCP.

Narrow spot CBCPs of 6000Cd at 95CRI

Standard GU10 form factor, IEC compliant

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Any application where high colour rendering is a priority
Suitable for damp locations. Enclosed fixture compatibility allows 7.5W lamps to be operated in outdoor locations
To replace halogen lamps in existing downlights or spotlights

Halogen Equivalent: 50W

Colour Temp: 2700, 3000K or 4000K

Wattage: 7.5W

Beam Angle: 10

Snap Compatible: Yes

Lumens: 390, 410 or 430   

Voltage: 240AC

Base: GU10



17 degree beam spreader
25 degree beam spreader
36 degree beam spreader
60 degree beam spreader
10x60degree linear lens
10x36degree linear lens
10x25degree linear lens
36x36degree flat top
25x25degree flat top
40degree cutoff louver
Aim Lens
3/4 CTO Shifter
1/2 CTO shifter
1/4 CTO Shifter
Enhance Lens


DIGINET LEDsmart Dimmer. DLGCDM400